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These pictures (files and/or prints) are for sale, so if you think your parents or if you want to buy them you can. Help on how to do this is here.

Pictures that are bought will not have the black X and 'Unpaid Proof' notice on them and can be used on Facebook or in any other way except commercially. The black X and notice on the pictures just shows who has taken and who has bought the pictures.
Karina AlvaradoJosh LongAutumn MinterJackie CastilloStefanie DiazJulianna RodriguezMercedes RuizMercedes And Tiffani RuizMariah WalshAngela KimberlyTyler BryanIvan CastilloWill GreenDee ParkerTy SealyTobyn TannehillMatt YanezCombined SeniorsGirl SeniorsBoy Basketball Seniors And Trainer