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Flag Cake - 2005Black Forrest Cake - 2006White Mountain Cake - 2008Strawberry Pecan Cake - 2008Italian Creme Cake - 2008Andrea's 17th Birthday Cake - at the June/July Birthday Party - 2008Flag Cake For Fish Fry At The Zant's - 2008Brendas Cupcakes For Fish Fry At The Zant's - 2008Graham Cracker Cake With Butterscotch Frosting For Church Fellowship - 2008Turkish Lemon Pudding For a Birthday Party - 2008Black Forrest Cake For a Birthday Party 1-2008Applesauce Raisin Spice Cake - 2009Applesauce Raisin Walnut Cookies - 2009Tres Leches Flag Cake - 2009Andrea's 18th Birthday Cake - 2009Melt Away Gems - 2009Melt In Your Mouth Sugar Cookies - 2009Mocha Pound Cake With Ganache Frosting And White Chocolate Drizzle For A Church Fellowship - 2009Boston Cream Pie - 2009Vanilla Wafers For A Banana Pudding - 2009