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These pictures (files and/or prints) are for sale, either as a download (file) or physical prints. Help on how to do this is here.

Pictures that are bought will not have the black X and 'Unpaid Proof' notice on them. Downloads can be used on Facebook or in any other online way.

I don't know how many, if any, of the competitors are Facebook friends with me. If you know any of the competitors let them know about the pictures. Whether they want to buy any or not they might like to see them.
Rodeo Announcer Mike MathisRainbowMadison McDonaldNolan Steen - Bull RidingNolan Steen - Bull RidingNolan Steen - Bull RidingTroy LerwillWes Groves Jr - Bull RidingWes Groves Jr - Bull RidingColten Gardner - Bull RidingColten Beaty - Bull RidingColten Beaty - Bull RidingRodeo Bull Fighters Distracting A BullBull FightersMitchell Tanner - Bull RidingMitchell Tanner - Bull RidingMitchell Tanner - Bull RidingBull FighterToby Collins - Bull Riding